The Hempstead Aero Modelers Society, known as the HHAMS, was founded in late 1991 by seven individuals. 
Within a short time the membership grew to around sixty, and now we have 120 members and growing. 
Early on, the goal of the HHAMS was to be a beginner friendly club, helping all those who wished to learn about our great hobby. Many flyers have learned their basic flying and building skills from our members and have gone on to teach the following generation of modelers.
We wanted to never forget that our hobby should be above all else fun,and to that end we host two Fun Fly events each year with the emphasis on fun, not competition. The HHAMS embraces all forms of aeromodeling, but control line, free flight, non-powered gliders/sailplanes, rockets, and turbine jets are not able to fly at this field." 
Recently, our flying site, the Nassau County Aerodrome at Hempstead Harbor, along with the entire Hempstead Harbor Park has been turned over by Nassau County to the Town of North Hempstead. It will now be known as the Town of North Hempstead Aerodrome, and the HHAMS will be the official agent of the Town in running the Aerodrome. All Town Flying Permit Holders will be required to be HHAMS members, as well as AMA members.
Currently, the Aerodrome has had a complete renovation and is now open with newly paved runways. We look forward in welcoming all those who wish to participate in aeromodeling.

* Second Thursday of each month 8:00pm at the VFW hall. 29 Mohegan Ave,. Port Washington NY 11050
Roy Coniglio      Armond Saidai       Rich Hradek         Matt Canarick        Jim Thompson
President                     Vice President                    Treasurer                         Secretary                            Chief Safety Officer
Flying season is hear, and there is a lot of activity at the field. We are always excited to meet new people, so come down and visit us and see what we are all about.

When you spend time at our field, you will feel as if you were in the country. The members are friendly and helpful, the location couldn't be better and there is always something interesting to see and do.
Only members and qualified guests are allowed to fly at this field, but everyone is invited to
come and see what its all about. If you have an interest in this activity, we can give you your first flight on our Club trainer, we will also advise you on what you need to get started, and we will train you so you can go solo. But, be forewarned - it is addictive.

Our hours of operation are from 7:00 am to dusk, but the best time to come is from 10:00 am to noon during the week, and anytime on the weekend. If the gate is closed, it means no one is flying. If you see it open, come up and say "hello". Late afternoons plague us with the sun in our eyes, so mornings are your best bet.
If you come to the field, please introduce yourself to the Safety Officer in charge. He'll answer any questions you might have and give you the best guidance available.
Thank you for your interest. And, thank you Town of North Hempstead for keeping this hobby alive.

North Hempstead! A great place to live!
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